2021 Community Partners Recognized

We’re the leading organization working to combat generational illiteracy in Muskegon County — but we can’t do it alone. 

That’s why we’re thrilled to recognize our 2021 Community Partners, who have stepped up to combat generational illiteracy in Muskegon County. Because when we invest in literacy, we invest in our business’ and community’s future.

Muskegon County has struggled with low literacy rates for students and adults for decades.  Ultimately, this not only impacts our education outcomes, but our economy as a whole.

The businesses that have chosen to be a part of Read Muskegon’s Community Partners program understand that they are investing in the long-term wellbeing of our people, our communities and our businesses. We are so grateful for their commitment to our mission.

Melissa Moore, Executive Director

Our community does not have a talent shortage – it has an opportunity shortage. Together, we’re creating access to opportunity so all residents can find their path to success. Thank you to our 2021 partners:

Webb Chemical Services Corporation
Dynamic Conveyor
Lascko Services
The Mart Dock
West Michigan Building and Construction Trades Council
Muskegon Channel
Premier Foods


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Literacy Collaborative Community Summit: What Happened? What Comes Next?

On February 23rd, over 100 community members joined together to focus their collective wisdom, creative problem-solving skills, and resources to tackle the literacy crisis that exists in Muskegon County.  Here’s a brief recap of the event and an opportunity to get involved.

Melissa Moore, Read Muskegon’s Executive Director, started by sharing some statistics to create a vision of the literacy landscape in Muskegon County. “Illiteracy is one of the most complex, interconnected, and deeply-rooted issues we face as a nation, ” Moore said. “It’s an issue of social justice, because those who cannot read cannot equally participate in our society.” She challenged attendees to be “disrupters” in the generational cycle of illiteracy.

Sharon Darling, founder and CEO of the National Center for Families Learning (NCFL), applauded Muskegon County for their collaborative efforts to tackle illiteracy and said she would like to see it become a model for the nation. She called literacy the stem of the flower whose petals are issues like welfare, health care, and criminal justice reform that rely on the strong base of literacy to keep blooming. She noted that while our country’s literacy statistics have been going backwards, we know what to do and the time is now to start doing it.


Poppy Sias-Hernandez, Equity & Inclusion Officer for Governor Whitmer, remarked that equity is the outcome of diversity and inclusion and that we need to continue our efforts to create equitable education and other systems that support everyone. She said that equity happens through collective efforts, when people bring their grit, talent and resources to the creation of solutions.



Rosa Guzman-Snyder, Director of Community Development for NCFL, presented a timeline of the work that has been done by the literacy collaborative and the vision for moving forward.  She set the stage for attendees to participate in breakout room conversations focused on 3 areas as they relate to tackling illiteracy: Economic Opportunity & Workforce Development: coordination of adult learning opportunities leading to family-sustaining wages, Education: mobilizing as a community to support our schools and ensure families have what they need to help their children succeed, and Neighborhoods & Community Leadership: utilizing existing networks to bridge the gap between needs and services. Input from the breakout sessions will be used by the collaborative work groups to create short and long-term action plans.


Breakout Session Summaries
You can read summaries of each of the sessions and the “BIG IDEAS” that started to emerge by clicking the links below.

Education Summary

Economic Opportunity Summary

Neighborhoods & Community Leadership Summary


Are YOU ready to be part of the SOLUTION? 

It’s going to take all of us working together to create real, sustainable change. Click the link below to sign up for a Read Muskegon Literacy Collaborative work group or to share a “Big Idea”.