Founded in 2005, Read Muskegon is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. The mission of Read Muskegon is to positively impact the lives of adults through improved literacy. As the identified adult literacy council for Muskegon County, our vision is that all of our residents have access to high quality instruction that enables them to reach their full potential and positively contribute to their community.

To realize our mission and vision, Read Muskegon is committed to providing quality literacy instruction centered on our learner’s goals; treating our learners and volunteers with respect and dignity; developing partnerships within our community that will help empower Muskegon County residents to move out of poverty; and, operating our organization in a socially and environmentally sustainable manner to the degree that it can serve as a model to other organizations.

How is Read Muskegon Addressing Adult Illiteracy?

  • Standardized Tutor Training: We led the way in the creation of a comprehensive, research based training for literacy tutors now being used in many West Michigan counties.
  • 1-1 Tutors: We train and manage a pool of highly trained tutors and provide them with individualized support, allowing us to give each learner personalized instruction.
  • Literacy Labs: We are developing a drop-in literacy support service that will be placed in facilities throughout our community. Currently we will server students at adult education facilities and parents at public schools and Head Start centers.
  • Family Literacy: We are partnering with several local agencies to provide early-literacy training and literacy support to parents with young children.
  • Linking Literacy to Life Skills: We are developing Life Skills classes and other events to increase learner retention while also linking literacy to other basic needs. As an example, we partnered with MSU Extension to provide a literacy-based cooking class.
  • Community Partnerships: We continue to develop partnerships that create stronger links between the mission of Read Muskegon and those of other community organizations and agencies. A recent example is our partnership with MI Works to provide small group classes at their facility. Other partners include the Lakeshore Literacy Coalition, Pathways MI, Great Start to Quality, Community enCompass and the Community Coordinating Council.


We are thankful for the generous support of our partners:

  • The Dollar General Literacy Foundation
  • The Gerber Foundation
  • The Community Foundation for Muskegon County
  • Muskegon Rotary – Grape Escape
  • The Van Kampen Boyer Molinari Foundation
  • The Gannett Foundation
  • The Women’s Division of the Chamber of Commerce
  • Revel
  • Quality Tool & Stamping
  • Nichols
  • The Fisher Family Fund
  • Causality