Since 2005, Read Muskegon has been working to break the generational cycle of illiteracy in Muskegon County. As the only non-profit organization in the county solely focused on removing barriers to literacy for all individuals, Read Muskegon has taken the lead in creating community-based, systemic change that will result in a more literate Muskegon County.


How are we accomplishing this?


  • Through the Read Muskegon Literacy Collaborative, we partner with parent leaders, businesses, the criminal justice system, healthcare providers, social service organizations, government agencies, and other passionate community members. Together, we work to maximize our strengths and resources as we focus on reducing illiteracy in Muskegon County. By doing so, we unlock the potential of people, reduce poverty, improve public health, create safer neighborhoods, and more profitable workplaces.
  • We develop and deliver relevant, research-based, learner-centered literacy instruction that is proven to help participants overcome deficits in learning.
  • We lead the way in designing and delivering training for literacy tutors.


We deliver instruction where people live, work, and find community.


  • One-on-one tutoring tailored to the needs of individual learners.
  • Drop-in literacy labs in community-based locations.
  • Family literacy programs that provide culturally sustaining, accessible, and inclusive programming so families can be fully engaged in their educational journey.
  • Literacy programs for incarcerated adults to prepare them for employment and reduce the rate of recidivism.
  • English as a Second Language classes for those who need to improve their English language skills.
  • Workplace programs customized to the needs of regional businesses, using materials specific to their workplace (healthcare enrollment forms, safety manuals, machine operating instructions, and more).
  • Health literacy programs designed to help adults with low health literacy manage their own care and that of their families.


What is our impact in a typical year?


  •  250 adults receive individualized instruction
  • 225 children and 177 adults participate in Family Literacy programs
  • 134 incarcerated adults receive literacy instruction focused on helping them succeed when they re-enter our community.
  • 1500 hours of free instruction are provided throughout Muskegon County
  • 85 volunteers contribute over 2700 hours of their time
  • 3000 adults and children are reached through events and community outreach
  • 4000 books and other resources are distributed to families