Over 23,000 adults in Muskegon County – and about 30% of unskilled industrial workers nationwide – are functionally illiterate.


Strong businesses need strong communities – Read Muskegon builds residents’ capacity to fully
participate in their community, creating more equitable professional and economic opportunities
that strengthen the community as a whole.

Our community does not have a talent shortage – it has an opportunity shortage. Read Muskegon helps create access to opportunity so that all residents can find their path to success.

Partnering with Read Muskegon demonstrates your commitment to social investment and giving back to the community, attributes that are increasingly important to younger generations of job seekers.




Read Muskegon is proud to partner with organizations and businesses invested in improving literacy in our community. Our community partners are offered opportunities for recognition and engagement – these options can be customized in a way that is most meaningful to you. All community partners are recognized on Read Muskegon’s website and in the annual report.


Partnership Level                      Recognition                      Engagement

$7,500                                                                All                                                          3
$5,000                                                                  3                                                          2
$2,500                                                                  2                                                          1
$1,000                                                                  2


Recognition Opportunities


Read Muskegon Literacy Center – Company name and logo listed on our partner recognition board

Social Media – Quarterly recognition on all social media platforms with company name, logo and
hyperlink to company website.

Community Information Events – Company name and logo listed in printed materials and onsite signage

Little Free Library – Company name listed on locally placed library


Engagement Opportunities

Read Muskegon will provide your staff a 15-minute presentation about the impact of your

Read Muskegon will facilitate a Lunch & Learn on illiteracy’s impact on one of the following
topics of your choice: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion; Health; Criminal Justice; Education.

Read Muskegon will bring family-oriented, literacy themed activities to your staff gathering or
event to celebrate the power of reading at all ages.

Read Muskegon will coordinate a volunteer opportunity for up to 10 staff. Indicate your first
preference for the type of opportunity you’d be most interested in:
Community visibility__    Direct program support___   Staff/office support___


You can view the full Community Partners brochure by clicking the link below.

Read Muskegon Community Partners Brochure


To become a Community Partner, contact Melissa Moore.

231-830-5539 or melissa.moore@readmuksegon.org