Who Are We? 

ESL (English as a Second Language) Muskegon was established in 2006 as an outreach program servicing St. Jean Baptiste Church in Muskegon, MI. By 2010, this literacy program was servicing over thirty students with thirty volunteer tutors. In 2018, ESL Muskegon began partnering with Read Muskegon.

Through one-on-one tutoring and support, ESL Muskegon provides education, guidance, and life skills training to underrepresented immigrant communities. ESL Muskegon Students are male and female, spanning all ages (18-70), and come from various cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

Using the acclaimed Laubach and Oxford programs, and working alongside Read Muskegon, ESL Muskegon fully trains volunteers for one-on-one tutoring. All students are given a placement test before being assigned to a program and level.

Students and tutors meet on Mondays from 6:30-8:00 at 451 S Getty St.



“Yes! I am a U.S. Citizen.” Sergio is not shy about telling others how blessed he feels. He started at ESL Muskegon more than four years ago learning to read and speak English. Sergio had a goal; to become a U.S. citizen.While studying English he was also preparing for the citizenship test. This was not easy. Sergio worked diligently online and with his tutor.

“Having my citizenship has opened up a new world for me,” declares Sergio. He no longer requires a translator at the doctor’s office and feels confident talking with coworkers. Now, Sergio says, he truly feels part of the Muskegon Community. Sergio continues to attend ESL classes with his wife, Maria, who is also preparing to take the citizenship test!


Full Classes 

Full, multilevel ESL classes are also available at Read Muskegon (26 E. Broadway, Muskegon Heights). These classes  focus on reading, listening, speaking, and writing in English. They will also incorporate some insights for navigating through American culture.

The class will be taught on Mondays (3-5) or Tuesdays (1-3) and are $0 

Citizens and non-citizens are equally welcome in our classes. While this class is primarily focused on adult education, children ages 5 and older are more than welcome to attend with their parent(s) or guardian(s). We find that children and adults can in many ways learn and grow better while learning together!

Furthermore, we are happy to work with those in the ESL community needing assistance filling out various forms, applications, and legal documents (or directing individuals to another service who can help with legal issues).

Who Are You?

Are you interested in becoming a student, tutor, or fundraiser? Would you like information on registration, testing, training, orientation, and class dates?

Call (231) 766-7257  (Mondays) 

…or (616) 401-6887 (Tuesday-Sunday) 

Or feel free to email eslmuskegon@hotmail.com or readmuskegon18@gmail.com for more info!