Read Muskegon is so thankful to all of those in our community who have helped us to give the gift of literacy to families throughout Muskegon County in 2015. This month, we completed our first year of Family Literacy Dinners at the EXIT program (Empowering Ex-Offenders in Transition).  It was a night filled with joy, thankfulness and hope.  We need to say a special thank you to the Golden family for providing an amazing dinner, School ZoneSt Paul’s Church and Kohl’s for donating books, activities, games and stuffed toys for the dad’s to wrap and give to their children and grandchildren, and to those who have provided funding throughout the year to make the dinners and our classes at EXIT possible: the Great Start Collaborative and the Community Foundation for Muskegon County.

Stay tuned for The Gift of Literacy: Part 2 from our 2nd Annual Holiday Literacy Village.

Entire group cropped              presents close up

?         ?          ?

infant girl                 ?

?                       ?

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dad daughter craft              baby smile at dad

photo 3               dad daughter game

family thanks               dad, baby, tree \

boy close up             tree with gifts

girl close up         opening gifts

dad and bottle